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Perhaps you are new to booking escorts or indeed new to booking through our ladies gallery. Well here is a new section which will hopefully answer some of your most regular FAQ's!

Are the ladies photos genuine?
As hard as some of you may find this to believe (as I know so many agencies use fake pics!) YES ALL PHOTOS (and videos which can be found in our incognito/members gallery) are 100% real and genuine and we guarantee you, that the girl in the photo will be the actual girl you will meet! Most Escorts replace their photos once a year (albeit many of them love reinventing their look with new pics and often replace them every 6 months)

How far in advance can I make a booking?
We usually recommend up to 7 days in advance (as our 7 day scheduler on the home gives you the ladies availability for the week ahead) Some of our most popular escorts do get booked up weeks beforehand so if you know your schedule in advance its always good to call and see if your preferred angel has given us her advanced schedule. Saying that 80% of our bookings are made on the day of the booking so last minute calls are always welcome too.

I have made an advance booking, when do I get the address?
We ask clients to call us the morning of the booking (between 10:00AM and noon) to confirm the booking. At this point you can advise reception of any special dress requests you might have and they will SMS you the escort address at this time.

What do I need to make a booking?
If it's an incall booking we will require your first name and a mobile contact number so we can SMS you the escort address. If it's an outcall booking we will require your first and surname along with your hotel details or if it's to your home address, your landline phone number.

Can I make, confirm or cancel a booking via e-mail or SMS text?

All bookings must be made verbally over the phone with our reception team.

Can I make dress/outfit requests?
Yes. All our Angels are keen to ensure you enjoy your time with them and will do their best to accommodate your dress/outfit requests (little black dress, stockings & heels, fantasy uniform or office wear, etc) so please let our reception team know when you make the booking and they will be happy to pass any requests on.

Can I take photos or videos during the booking?
Certain some ladies allow photos and/or videos to be taken during the booking as a memento of your time together. Any photos or videos are for your own private pleasure and must never to uploaded to the internet or copied to others. There is an additional charge of £50 for photos or £100 for videos which should be paid to the escort at the start of the booking along with their standard fee. Please notify reception when you make the booking if you wish to partake in photos or videos. For a full list of those ladies who enjoy photos or filming please see the services enjoyed lists which will appear on the home page whenever you are logged into the incognito member's gallery. You should notify our reception team at the time of booking if you wish to partake in filming or photos as the escort will expect to be pre-prepared.

Can I pay by credit card or cheque?
Unfortunately, we do not accept credit cards or cheques. You will need to pay the escorts in £cash on arrival. If you wish to pay in euros or US $ the rates are shown on the escort bio pages. (our rates are not very competitive and allow for currency fluctuations so you are better off paying in GBP £)

Can I extend a booking once it has started?
As long as the escort does not have another booking confirmed after your booking, you are more than welcome to extend your booking. If you extend on an hour by hour basis the “additional hourly” rate will apply however if you extend to an overnight booking (within 30minutes of meeting your chosen girl) you can extend at the discounted “overnight rate”.

Am I expected to tip a girl?
None of the escorts expect tips and “extras” are never charged.

If you wish to take along a gift, a bottle of wine or perfume is a great alternative.

Are cancellation charges applied?
Assuming you are polite enough to call our reception team PRIOR to the start of your booking (giving as much notice as possible of your cancellation) no charges will apply.

Are the shower facilities provided?
All of our Ladies are based in smart apartments or hotels where you will be more than welcome to use their showers. Towels and toiletries will always be available for you. You will get so much more pleasure from a booking if you arrive clean (or arrive and use a shower!) as the ladies biggest turn off are dirty, sweaty or smelly clients!

Do you offer 30-minute bookings?
No. The minimum booking time is 1 hour. You are of course welcome to leave after 30 minutes but you will be charged for 1 hour.

How long is an overnight booking?
If your overnight starts AFTER 8 pm the duration is 9 hours. If your overnight is a “daytime overnight” or “early overnight” and starts BEFORE 8 pm the duration is 10 hours.

I live outside of Central London, will an escort still visit me?
Our Angels are happy to travel anywhere in the UK or abroad however travel charges and minimum booking times will be applicable. For bookings to Heathrow airport (and most “0208” dialing code areas of Greater London) the ladies require a minimum 2-hour booking (and a £50 to £100 travel surcharge). For bookings to Gatwick airport, a 3-hour minimum booking (and £100 to £150 travel surcharge) is required. For bookings inside the M25 not in an 0208 dialling code a £100 travel surcharge will apply. For bookings outside the M25, a minimum overnight booking is required along with the relevant travel costs. For bookings to Paris (and most of Europe) the escorts require a minimum overnight booking (although as travel flight times are including in foreign bookings) we usually suggest a minimum “extended overnight” of 18 hours. For bookings to the Middle East & USA, minimum 3-day booking is required. For bookings to Asia, minimum 5-day booking is required.

The following Central London postcodes are covered for our standard 1-hour outcall rate: SW1, SW3, SW5, SW6, SW7, SW8, SW10, W1, W2, W6, W8, W9, W11 & W14. All other Central London postcodes will incur a longer minimum booking duration and/or travel surcharges.

Examples are as follows :

£30 – NW1, NW8, SE11, W12, WC1, WC2, SW11
£50 – EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, N1, N1C, NW6, SW13, SW14, SW15, W3, W4, W5, W7, W13, SW2, SW4, SW9, SW18
£50 plus minimum 2-hour booking – N5, N7, NW2, NW3, NW5, NW9, NW10, E1, E2, E3, E8, E9, E14, E16, SE1, SE17, SE3, SE4, SE8, SE10, SE13, SE14, SE16, SW17, SW19

What happens if I need to cancel a booking?
We appreciate that you lead busy lives and plans often need to change however if you have to cancel a booking please have the courtesy to call and notify us so that we can let the escort know and hopefully reschedule someone else to see them. If you fail to turn up to a booking (without having the courtesy to call to cancel!) you will be classed as a “no show” and you will be banned from booking through the agency again in the future.

How do I access the Incognito Gallery and members forum?
There is a link on the home page where you will need to submit your details before we can activate your account. If your phone number cannot be verified as having been used to book one of our regular escorts your Incognito application will be rejected. If you have fully completed the form and used a number previously used to make a booking you can expect your membership to be activated within 12hours. We recommend choosing a user name that is NOT your real name (unless you want your full real name to appear on every post you make!). For your membership to remain active you will need to post at least one thread on the forum EVERY month.

Once you are an “incognito member” you will be able to gain access to reviews, the forum (so you can read and write posts to other clients and angels), angels services lists and the angels videos.

I have tried to make a booking and have been told I am banned. Why?
There are several reasons why we have to ban clients from making further bookings with the Agency. These include : making a booking and failing to turn up, turning up to a booking dirty and sweaty and refusing to have a shower, turning up to a booking and immediately leaving without payment of a cancellation fee, pressuring an escort to release her personal details/contact number to you, failing to make prompt/correct payment to escorts at the start of a booking/start of an extension to a booking, having other people in your home/hotel when an escort arrives for an outcall booking, failing to notify reception at the time of booking that other escorts will be attending the booking, turning up at the home/hotel of an escort when you do not have an appointment to see them and being rude or abusive to the Reception Team and/or individual Escorts.

Can you get the escort to phone me, can I have their number or real name?
NO, NO & NO! We respect the Escorts privacy and you should too! The reason they are featured on our site is that they enjoy the anonymity that our Agency offers to them. You would not want them calling you at your home or office and you should respect their private lives too! Pestering Escorts will result in you being banned from the Agency.

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